Tour of the farm

In one and half hours long walks you will find out what is Rojupe and why it was proclaimed even until Riga. You will be able to get acquainted with a main bull, and his harem of Charolaise cows. The farm specializes in growing of bull calves and heifers, so there are always a lot of rookies, some of which have recently been born. You can find out why these cows are so special, what their habits are and what it means „rodeo” days. The bravest could feed cows with their delicacies.
1-1.5 hour program 2 EUR/pers.

Photo orienteering

Orienteering is one of the most popular sports in Latvia. Photo orienteering is a great way to explore the area, it has elements of orienteering, only it is much more fun with running, walking, searching, laughing. These are not speed competition, it is a team-based strategy game, in which each team member can express their skills, abilities and inventiveness. Hare the most important is joy and feeling of satisfaction of having fun with friends, family, colleagues and other members. A healthy dose of adrenaline troughout the day.
1-1.5 hours 2EUR/pers.

Unconventional sport games


Each participant of games (or small group 3-5 persons) receive member card. It contains all the elements of the game, which usually are from 10-15. We choose them depending on the age of participants and weather conditions, whether it be outdoors or indoors. To participate in these sports games no need for great physical fitness, they are funny, gambling, where everyone can express their abilities and inventiveness. Disciplines: milk cans, crazy race, the pendulum, the jackpot, snow battle, eyes on stalks, clock, lasershock, three whales, wind sales, boot, squirrel in wheel, sprint, excellent nose, skiing etc.
2.5-3 hour program 3EUR/pers

Bike rental


Garden golf

2-5 persons, try to hit the hole with different type of golf bats. For nice relaxation, not try it very hardly.


For shooting is used air rifle. In order to make shooting more exciting, it is used both static and flying targets.!For safety reasons, shooting takes place only under the supervision of the owner.
3EUR/20 shots

Enjoy drive with Harley Davidson

House owner Atis Svitiņš is Tukum`s rocker club rokera „Savējie” member and his pride and hobby are bikes.
Who wants to hear the special Harley Davidson chopper engine roar and feel the wind in hair, Artis will be happy to drive with you on his 100th anniversaryyear model bike.
5EUR/15 min. drive

Decoupage workshop

If you want to create something beautiful and unique, but drawing is not your strong point, this is the right activity. With decoupage we can make a new design for boxes, furniture, dish, even clothes and shoes. During 2-3h you will learn the basic principles and create your own, unique thing, which will be able to take up. We can offer 3 different classes on your choice: glass or wood decoupage, or 3D decoupage. All materials are provided.
7EUR/pers. one class



a) One day tour with owner car to the surrounding beautiful and interesting places.
In minibus are 16 passanger seats.

20EUR/pers. one day tour (min. 5 pers.)

Roja Sea Fishery museum
O—> 7km


Seashore in Roja – visit the pig of blue hope
O—> 7km

Kaltenesrocky seaside
O—> 13km


Kaltenes kalvas – 1.5km large rock piles, through which leads a walking trail
O—> 14km


Kaltene birdwatching trail with observation tower
O—> 15km


„Lubeco” – strawberry and quince cultivation and processing
O—> 16km


„Kauliņi” – Igurda Buiķa farm with a steam train
O—> 17km


Elku limetree – mightiest limetree in the Baltic States.
O—> 19km


Pūrciema white dune
O—> 20km


„Kalnmalas” chinchilla farm.
O—> 21km